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Via Condotti is a busy and fashionable shopping street running up to the Piazza di Spagna fountain at the base of the Spanish Steps.
In Roman times it was one of the Streets crossing the ancient Via Flaminia with access to Pincio hill.
Today it is the street containing the greatest number of Rome based Italian fashion retailers, equivalent to London's Bond Street.

via condotti

  • Destination: Italy, Rome, Spanish Steps
    Subject: Girl sitting on the Spanish Steps.
    A vibrant image originally captured on film by Photographers Dallas and John Heaton.Approximate instant of the image capture: September 10th, 1983 at 3pm.
    Camera: Contax RTS111
    Fujichrome Velvia transparencySettings: 28mm Lens at F8, at one hundredth of a Second.
    Additional Creative Interpretation by John Heaton.

    Archival Canvas or Paper Prints Price on Application.
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