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First installed in 1410 The Medieval Prague Astronomical Clock is the oldest  functioning Astronomical Clock in the world.
It is mounted on the southern wall of the Town Hall in the Old Town Square.
Every hour it has a clockwork show  ("The Walk of the Apostles" ) of the Apostles and other moving sculptures as well as a skeleton representing death.
It is the subject of many myths, legends and fascinating stories.

prague orlaj

  • Destination: Czech Republic, Prague, Old Town Subject: Astronomical Clock or Prague orloj.
    A vibrant image originally captured on film by Photographers Dallas and John Heaton. Approximate instant of the image capture: May 30th, 2008 at 11am.
    Camera: Canon EOS 5DSettings: 135mm Lens at F5.6, at one two hundredth of a second.
    Additional Creative Interpretation by John Heaton.

    Archival Canvas or Paper Prints Price on Application
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