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Senedjem was a members of the crew of artisans who carved and decorated the royal tombs of the 19th Dynasty New Kingdom.
In this tomb three generations of the same family were united in the same chamber.
This East Wall Painting “The fields of the Netherworld” is a scene depicting the afterlife for Sennedjem and his wife Iyneferti. They are shown harvesting grain, sowing seeds, pulling flax, eating and drinking in the abundant fields of the next world.


  • Destination: Egypt, Luxor, West Bank, Deir el Medina 
    Subject: Thirty three centuries old Painting in the Tomb of the Artisan Sennedjem.
    A vibrant image originally captured on film by Photographers Dallas and John Heaton.
    Approximate instant of the image capture: December 10th 1990 at 2pm.
    Camera: Asahi Pentax 645
    Film: Fujichrome Velvia transparency. 
    Settings: 75mm Lens at F5.6, at one Sixtieth of a Second with bounced flash.
    Additional Creative Interpretation by John Heaton.

    Archival Canvas or Paper Prints Price on Application.
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