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The Cossack Dance is a Ukrainian Dance originally an all male affair to reflect manliness and heroism after successful battles. In the 18th Century the dance survived in mixed gender village form as a celebratory dance. The dance has many movements performed in unison, especially by  female dancers in colourful costumes.

cossack swing

  • Destination: Soviet Union, Moscow, Red Square.
    Subject: Cossack Dancers in Traditional Costumes Dancing in the Square.
    A vibrant image originally captured on film by Photographers Dallas and John Heaton.
    Approximate instant of the image capture: May 28th 1990 at 5pm.
    Camera: Asahi Pentax 6X7
    Film: Fujichrome Velvia transparency. 
    Settings: 55mm Wide Angle Lens at F5.6, at one fifteenth of a Second.
    Additional Creative Interpretation by John Heaton.

    Archival Canvas or Paper Prints Price on Application.
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