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Bluyonda is a brand that specialises in taking high quality photos while adding a unique spin to each one. We travel the globe in search for the most fascinating locations that capture pieces of history, vibrant culture and the spirit of adventure. Our photos are categorised into unique collections, each with its own theme and style. We use some of our most inspirational photographs to create stylish products that are perfect as gifts, pieces of art and fashion accessories.


Having worked for iconic international brands such as Cathay Pacific, Thai Airways and National Geographic, over a career span of 30 years, our experience is comprehensive. Our photographs have been featured in Hong Kong International Airport, by the Australian Tourist Commission, on postage stamps and even on the outer shell of Hong Kong trams.


By combining our experience, passion and drive to capture the most stunning and imaginative photographs possible, we aim to bring a slice of the great blue yonder into the lives of as many people as we can. 

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